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Welcome to dcrBlogs dot Com.

This blog initially launched on July 15, 2007 with a typical “Hello World!” post, way back when the Internet was still fun.

The blog was shut down (for the first time) on July 15, 2013, resurrected a bit later, then killed again on March 14, 2014. Then kind of relaunched again on July 17, 2018. And here we are, shutting down again on July 31, 2019. Will it be back? Who knows. Given increasing government regulations along with the spread of online hate and other nonsense, I cannot imagine it coming back in the foreseeable future. We can always hope the Internet will one day be fun again, but it certainly is not heading in that direction.

Any thoughts, reflections or opinions I might wish to share, I will do so in the print edition of my newsletter. Details will be provided on my author website when available.

Until next time, always remember to . . . Believe. Act. Achieve!


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